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Helping self-funded employers, hospitals, and health systems innovate their pharmacy benefits plan!

Beacon Prescriptions is providing a patient health focused Pharmacy Benefits solution dedicated to lowering medical costs and providing care management.

How It Works

Beacon Prescriptions uses a pharmacy driven supply side PBM model that returns clinical and economic control to pharmacies removing the need for traditional mechanisms in facilitating access to prescription drugs and pharmacy services.


We believe in doing business in a honest and transparent way giving our clients complete access and control of their pharmacy benefits. 

Beacon Prescriptions takes a unique approach to formulary development bringing personalized care to every member we serve. We are providing the local community with direct clinical care and helping to reduce medical costs for your business and employees.


Experience the value of direct care, transparent pricing, and significant employer Rx program savings with Beacon Prescriptions.

How It Works


Pharmacy Benefit Marketplace

We can service a wide range of operators including hospitals, health systems, independents, and provider directed networks. Our goal is to create a real PBM relationship, with savings as a result of high quality and flexible care. We don’t just look for discounts and rebates. We look for the best manage utlization in order to develop a real PBM relationship with you.

Drug Management

We use a pharmacy driven supply side PBM model. This model returns clinical and economic control to pharmacies. Our goal is to provide a patient health focused PBM to lower medical costs and provide care management. Learn about our customized utilization, clinical and formulary​ management.

Audits & Oversight

We use a proprietary algorithm ​to audit self-funded employers total Rx spend and create specialty carveouts to help them save money. We also offer an exclusive rebates program which is bridging the gap for hospitals and health systems to combat constant rising healthcare costs. 


Interested to learn more? Discover how Beacon Prescriptions is personalizing Pharmacy Benefit Management just for you.

Who We Serve


Today's pharmacy benefit market leaves smaller employers with little to no flexibility and they are often forced to take off the shelf products due to their size. Beacon Prescriptions is changing this by giving employers the freedom to personalize their pharmacy benefit plan to create maximum value for each dollar spent. Get direct pharmacy care for your employees with a local pharmacy, pharmacists, and chronic disease managers. 

Health Plans

We partner with health plans to customize the needs of our members for maximized results. We analyze your Rx spend and create custom formulary carveouts that can help reduce your healthcare Rx spend by 10%-40% for self-funded employers. 


We work with hospitals to increase traffic & dispensing to in-house pharmacies. They can leverage in-house pricing, control pricing at retail, utilize in-house and local pharmacies to deliver specialty, LDD services, and courier logistics for physician-administered drugs: including infusion center, hospice, skilled nursing facilities & long term care centers.

Who We Serve

Schedule your free Pharmacy Benefits consultation, and learn how Beacon Prescriptions is changing what Pharmacy Benefit Management means to you. 

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